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We have our final premiere for this year, 2018, in the form of My Strange Hero. The drama has several other titles floating around — Revenge Returns, Bok Soo’s Back and Revenge is Back. It looks like a funny, cute and light-hearted romantic comedy with a cute cast. Yoo Seung Ho (I’m Not A Robot) plays the titular hero, Bok Soo, who returns to his school as a teacher after many years, in order to take revenge as he was wrongfully blamed for violence and expelled from school when he was a student. His first love is played by Jo Bo Ah (Temperature Of Love) and his former classmate is played by Kwak Dong Yun (I found him cute in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds; his last drama was the recent My ID Is Gangnam Beauty). The latter is the villain of this story, who is also the chairman of the school’s board of directors. Something tells me that he was the one who was responsible for our the unfair treatment of the hero. Well, let’s see.

The other cast members are Kim Dong Young (Tunnel) as Yoo Seung Ho’s best friend and CEO of a company called Your Wish and Park Ah In (Mr. Sunshine) as Bok Soo’s stalker. The drama’s posters are full of variety, ranging from the romantic couple poster, to the wistful, serious one featuring our hero. Then there are individual posters for the five main characters, painted in different colours and each having a tagline defining their character.

My Strange Hero is a Monday-Tuesday drama and begins airing from today on SBS.