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In the current world of widespread internet and social media network, the race to bring any news first is more aggressive than ever. News portals try to bring more and more news stories and at the earliest hour which has also led to the rise of paparazzi culture. The new SBS drama Big issue is set around this world of tabloid news where Han Ye Seul plays the chief editor of a tabloid newspaper known for uncovering celebrity scandals and Jo Jin Moo plays a man who, at one point, was an elite journalist but then due to a scandal, lost everything. He is then recruited by the former to work as a paparazzo.

I’ve not really seen much work by both main leads. I have seen Jo Jin Moo in movie 200 Pounds Beauty, but haven’t seen Han Ye Seul in anything except 1 or 2 episodes of Birth Of A Beauty before I dropped that show. Big Issue also stars Shin So Yool (Answer Me 1997) as another journalist in the company where our leads work. Choi Song Hyun (On The Way To The Airport) plays Jo Jin Moo’s wife who asks for divorce once he gets embroiled in an unfortunate scandal.

Big Issue is premiering this week as new Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS following superhit makjang drama The Last Empress.