Lee Jung Jae makes drama comeback with JTBC drama ‘Aide’ costarring Shin Min Ah

I may sound like a broken record but everytime I see an actor or actress making a small screen comeback after a long break, my excitement level shoots up to new heights. Lee Jung Jae, of many older popular dramas like Feelings and Sandglass, and movies like Il Mare, The Thieves, The Housemaid, is making a drama comeback after 10 years with new JTBC drama Aide. He was last seen in 2009’s Triple and has been working mostly in films since late 90s, with only 2 dramas in late 2000s. He is joined by charming Shin Min Ah who last gave us time travelling Tomorrow With You in 2017.

Aide is a about politics, and stars Lee Jung Jae as the chief aide to congressman, played by Kim Gab Soo (Mr. Sunshine), and Shin Min Ah plays a first time congresswoman of the opposite party. The cast also includes Kim Dong Joon (About Time) as an enthusiastic intern while Lee Elijah (The Last Empress) takes on the role of the secretary to Kim Gab Soo’s character. Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice) is also among the strong cast of the show.

Aide is also going by the name Advisor and it comes from the writer of acclaimed drama Life On Mars and PD of Miss Hammurabi, Chuno and Fugitive Plan B. The show will have 10 episodes and is slated for a May premiere. It recently held its first script reading.

2 thoughts on “Lee Jung Jae makes drama comeback with JTBC drama ‘Aide’ costarring Shin Min Ah

  1. Timescout

    Definitely going to give this a go. Political drams can be pretty interesting if everything works ok. At least the writer should be up to it and the cast looks good. The PD has some good ones under his belt but also few dramas that did not turn out so well. We’ll see, I guess. 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Yes, political dramas can be very engrossing if done well with a tight script and good actors. Hopefully, this one will deliver!


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