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There are so many dramas being premiered, announced, on-going, teasing — it has become really difficult to keep a track. Hence. I decided to at least put all newly started shows together in a list so that it is easy for me to choose and skip! And hope it helps some of you readers as well. Also, since I didn’t get time to post about them earlier, this is a good place to brief about all of them.


Abyss is the new tvN drama starring two supremely adorable actors, Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyu Seop. She was last seen in much-loved drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon back in 2017 while he stole hearts in Thirty But Seventeen last year. I must say this is a huge jump for him as he had been doing supporting roles previously and I do think he is still a bit green (but oh so cute!).

Abyss is a fantasy mystery drama about two people who are revived mysteriously and undergo change in appearance after they die. Basically, a prosecution lawyer played by Kim Sa Rang (Secret Garden) becomes Park Bo Young after the character dies and revived to life. Ahn Se Ha (W, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) plays an heir of a family into cosmetics industry who becomes Ahn Hyu Seop in appearance after the character dies. So now both of them have to struggle with their new persona as well as finding the truth behind their death and the mystery behind their new life. The drama comes from the writer who was attached to season 9 and 10 of long running tvN series Rude Miss Young Ae.


I’m a sucker for trope of love stories involving boss and secretary/employee (strictly in fiction!) and even though we get one multiple times a year, I’m still not tired of them. This is number one factor that allured me towards this new SBS rom-com which stars Kim Young Kwang (Room No. 9) and Jin Ki Joo (Come and Hug Me) in the lead roles. He plays the typical cold hearted and childish boss but what brings some twist to this setting is that she plays a hot tempered secretary. The drama looks cute and vibrant and comes from the writer of Divorce Lawyer In Love.


OCN’s dark and creepy Save Me was highly praised in 2017 and now its second season is here with a new cast and new PD and writer. The basic premise remains the same — a small town under the influence of a highly suspicious religious leader. This time we have Uhm Tae Goo (Maids), Esom (Because This Is My First Life), Chun Ho Jin (City Hunter) and Kim Young Min (My Ajusshi) forming the cast. I still have to check out the first instalment, so probably going to skip this one for now!


I guess this is the time for the premieres of continued series for OCN as the network has brought third season for emergency call center thriller Voice. The show gained lots of love for its 1st season back in 2017 with Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na in lead roles, 2018 had its 2nd season with a new hero in the form of Lee Jin Wook (Nine) but same heroine and now again both actors are reprising their roles this time as well. Voice 3 has the same writer as that of previous season and this time, the team will fight against an evil force related to dark web. I have never seen this series, so there is a high chance I won’t be watching this one.