Thriller drama ‘Justice’ starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Hyun Joo starts on KBS this Wednesday

I really hadn’t read about upcoming drama on KBS, Justice, till I was checking out the list of shows premiering soon. The show is a thriller and it surely sounds intriguing. It stars Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Hyun Joo in the lead roles and both the main characters make a deal with each other for different purposes.

Choi Jin Hyuk plays a lawyer who makes a deal with the devil with the aim of seeking revenge. Son Hyun Joo plays a man who becomes evil for the sake of his family. They both become connected through a case involving mysterious disappearance of many actresses. I think we don’t get a very clear picture about the story or characters as it is described more metaphorically. Nana plays a prosecutor. Choi Jin Hyuk was last seen in crazy makjang but very popular The Last Empress, Nana appeared in Kill It and Son Hyun Joo was seen in 2017’s Criminal Minds.

The slot of Wednesdays and Thursdays is scheduled for Justice with premiere date of July 17, and it comes from the writer of School 2017 and Sassy Go, Go — definitely a vast difference in tone and genre here. The PD has helmed shows like The Miracle We Met and Drama Special Buzzcut Love.

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