Just Premiered: Medical drama ‘Doctor John’ with Ji Sung and Lee Se Young

The moment I read medical drama, my mind starts moving towards sleep as the genre is something I’m not a fan of. Too predictable, too episodic, and add hospital politics to that, and well, it becomes a genre I’m not particularly interested in. The newly premiered drama on SBS Doctor John is a show about the doctors in the department of pain management and anesthesiology. Ji Sung (Defendant) plays the titular doctor who is skilled in finding out about a patient’s disease in 10 seconds. Lee Se Young (The Crowned Clown) stars as another doctor who is also the daughter of one of the board members of the hospital. Of course she is. Lee Kyu Hyung (Life) plays a prosecutor.

Much has not been mentioned in relation to the plot of the show. That and the cast makes me slightly interested to check this one out and also to see how it makes itself different from other medial shows. Ji Sung himself has previously starred in one back in 2007, New Heart.

Doctor John is airing on Fridays and Saturdays and is written by the screenwriter of Cheongdamdong Alice and Hyde, Jekyll, Me. It is based on a Japanese novel titled On Hand of God.

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