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Jung So Min is one of my favourite Korean actresses and I’m super excited with the news that she has signed on her next drama titled Monthly House — it will air on JTBC and costars Kim Ji Suk, who is always a great addition to any project, be it the main or supporting role. They both actually reunite in this show as they previously worked together in KBS drama special Came to Me and Became a Star back in 2013. They both had dramas this year, Jung So Min did Fix You and Kim Ji Suk did My Unfamiliar Family, both on my planlist.

As the name suggests, Monthly House is about the subject of housing and what the word house means for people. Monthly House refers to a lifestyle magazine for which Jung So Min plays the editor and Kim Ji Suk plays the CEO. Of course, they have opposing views about the importance of house. She thinks house as home while he thinks it as a place to sleep and make money via real estate. They stir each other’s life when he becomes the owner of her rented house.

The drama seems like the classic case of bickering and love and that makes it totally my cup of tea. It is penned by the scriptwriter of light-hearted dramas like A Poem A Day and Drinking Solo. Monthly House is slated to air in 2021.

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