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I love Jo Seung Woo and I love Park Shin Hye so count me in for being super excited for upcoming JTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth that brings together the two stars. I’m so happy that after being mainly a movie and musical actor for many years, Jo Seung Woo is doing more dramas now. Park Shin Hye is also making a small screen comeback after 2 years since 2018’s Memories Of Alhambra.

Sisyphus: The Myth is a fantasy thriller starring Jo Seung Woo as a genius engineer who has founded a company named Quantum and Time. He is well known in the field of science and technology but personally his life is not very easy as his eccentric behavior due to his brother’s death 10 years ago has resulted in fluctuations in the company’s stocks. Then one day he finds out some truth about his brother’s mysterious death and that leads him to a path filled with danger. Park Shin Hye plays a powerful and gutsy warrior who travels through time and comes to the hero to save him.

I do like the synopsis but I’m also wary of the unsatisfactory handling of time travel theme by many shows. There can always be exceptions β€” case in point, just concluded Kairos which excellently executes its time theme. I do think the twist of a female saving a male adds a refreshing and admirable touch. I just hope the two leads have equal importance and depth instead of focusing solely on one (*coughs* Memories Of Alhambra *coughs*).

Sisyphus: The Myth has just released its teaser and looks quite grand. I’m super excited to see Jo Seung Woo in a new character after seeing him back to back in the two seasons of Forest Of Secrets aka Stranger. The show plans to start in February following currently airing Run On. It’s helmed by the PD of City Hunter and The Legend of the Blue Sea.


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