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Not as many dramas are premiering in March as last month, but then I ended up watching only Vincenzo from that list (I did try Sisyphus: The Myth but dropped it after 4 episodes). So it’s not like long list equals more dramas. I see a lot of attractions this month, with genres ranging from thrillers-sci-fi to classic romcoms to period dramas. Here is the list!


Network: tvN

Premiere Date: March 3

Stars: Lee Seung Gi (Vagabond), Lee Hee Joon (The Legend of the Blue Sea), Park Joo Hyun (Extracurricular), Kyung Soo Jin (Train)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery

About: A world where future psychopaths can be identified using a DNA test when the child is still in the mother’s womb.

Thoughts: The show has already premiered and has aired 2 episodes. I did not get a chance to catch up with the premiere but I have two minds about it as the writer penned God’s Gift – 14 Days — it was an amazing show throughout its run, till that ending! Should I trust Mouse for a satisfying ending?

Joseon Exorcist

Network: SBS

Premiere Date: March 15

Stars: Kam Woo Sung (The Wind Blows), Jang Dong Yoon (The Tale Of Nokdu), Park Sung Hoon (Into The Ring)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Horror

About: The battle between the humans and the evil spirits in the Joseon era.

Thoughts: The drama has a great combination of a good star cast and an intriguing story. We have already seen Kingdom successfully tackling the genre of zombies set in the historical times and Joseon Exorcist seems to be set along the same lines, mixing horror with sageuks. The older times surely add a fresh layer to the theme of fighting the undead.


Network: tvN

Premiere Date: March 22

Stars: Park In Hwan (It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl), Song Kang (Sweet Home), Na Moon Hee (Dear My Friends), Hong Seung Hee (Memorist)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Genre: Drama

About: The friendship between a 70 year old retired mailman and a 20 something man through their love for ballet.

Thoughts: This one looks like a heartwarming and inspiring ride with realistic and relatable characters and setting. Initially not on my plan list as I was clueless about this show, the synopsis and promo material have surely added it to the list.

Oh My Ladylord / Oh! Master

Network: MBC

Premiere Date: March 24

Stars: Lee Min Ki (The Lies Within), Nana (Into The Ring), Kang Min Hyuk (Heirs)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Romance, Comedy

About: A thriller writer who does not date and an actress who is unable to date, who end up living together, obviously leading to romance sparks.

Thoughts: Classic rom-com? Check. Lovely leads? Check. Cohabitation trope? Check. I’m super exited for this one for the reasons above. I also find Kang Min Hyuk really cute and I’m so glad Nana’s hairdo from Into The Ring is gone! It also helps that the writer penned Fated To Love You which I liked a lot. I do think cohabitation and Lee Min Ki combo is reminding me of Because This Life Is Our First.

Revolutionary Sisters

Network: KBS

Premiere Date: March 13

Stars: Kim Kyung Nam (The King: Eternal Monarch), Hong Eun Hee (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency), Jeon Hye Bin (The Beauty Inside), Go Won Hee ()

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Genre:  Family, Comedy, Thriller

About: Three sisters whose life becomes convoluted when their mother is murdered during her divorce proceedings with their father.

Thoughts: Weekend dramas can be a lot of fun and I don’t watch them due to the long length and recycled stories. But Revolutionary Sisters surely intrigues me — the plot sounds fresh with a unique concoction of comedy and thrills that we don’t usually see in a weekender, and secondly, it stars Kim Kyung Nam who was one of the few good things in The King: Eternal Monarch.

Love Alarm – Season 2

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: March 12

Stars: Kim So Hyun (The Tale of Nokdu), Jung Ga Ram (When the Camellia Blooms), Song Kang (Sweet Home)

Slot: All episodes aired together

Genre: Romance

About: An app that alerts its users when someone who has feelings for them comes within a 10-meter radius around them.

Thoughts: This is second season of the Netflix drama that premiered in 2019. I haven’t seen it but I think it sounds cute. It’s also interesting that Song Kang has another show starting soon, Navillera and Kim So Hyun is starring in currently airing River Where The Moon Rises.