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June seems to be the month of second seasons and webtoon adaptations. So many dramas are coming back with their second installment. To the uninformed, Korean dramas usually don’t have a multi season arc, with the story being told from start to finish in a single season which normally has an episode range from 16 to 20. In recent years, we are seeing more shows with a multiple season trend. Well, if I love a show and its characters, I’m all ready for one more serving!

Hospital Playlist 2

Premiere Date: June 17

Network: tvN & Netflix

Stars: Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghostess), Yoo Yeon Seok (Mr. Sunshine), Jung Kyung Ho (Life on Mars), Kim Dae Myung (Misaeng), Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist)

Slot: Thursdays

Genre: Medical, Drama

About: A hospital where we see the professional and personal lives of doctors, medical staff and the patients.

Thoughts: I loved Hospital Playlist! A slice-of-life take on the medical genre — warm, funny, romantic, poignant — with one of the best acting bunch of actors. The nostalgia-filled music is lovely icing on this delicious cake. Coming from the team of the Reply series, it has only 12 episodes but I assure you that you will want more!

At a Distance, Spring Is Green / Blue Spring From A Distance

Network: KBS

Premiere Date: June 14

Stars: Park Ji Hoon (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, KPOP group Wanna One), Bae In Hyuk (The Spy Who Loved Me), Kang Min Ah (Beyond Evil)

Slot: Mondays & Tuesdays

Genre: Romance

About: College students whose life looks like spring from afar but in reality, it’s full of struggles.

Thoughts: I love college-set dramas, all the more because we don’t see them often in dramaland. This one looks fresh and breezy, with realistic struggles thrown in the mix. The show is based on a webtoon.


Network: JTBC

Premiere Date: June 19

Stars: Song Kang (Navillera), Han So Hee (The World of the Married)

Slot: Saturdays

Genre: Romance

About: A man who doesn’t believe in relationships and just wants to have flings, and a woman who doesn’t believe in love but wants to date.

Thoughts: The synopsis sounds like a typical romance story but I loved Song Kang in Navillera that just wrapped up recently. And the network is JTBC which always raises my expectations for delivering something fresh and good. Bonus — it has only 10 episodes. This one is also based on a webtoon.

Voice 4

Network: tvN

Premiere Date: June 18

Stars: Song Seung Heon (Dinner Mate), Lee Ha Na (A Piece Of Your Mind)

Slot: Fridays & Saturdays

Genre: Thriller, Crime

About: An emergency call center that tries to save the victims of a crime by gathering clues through the emergency calls they receive.

Thoughts: I have not seen any previous installments from the Voice franchise that featured different leading men — Jang Hyuk and Lee Jin Wook for the next 2 seasons. Lee Ha Na remains the constant member from the main cast. I think Song Seung Heon provides a freshness to the concept which has been already done three times now, with also giving us a new, serious side to his acting range.

Penthouse 3

Network: SBS

Premiere Date: June 4

Stars: Lee Ji Ah, Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Uhm Ki Joon

Slot: Fridays & Saturdays

Genre: Melodrama

About: The lives and tensions of the people of high society who reside in Seoul’s posh Gangnam district.

Thoughts: I have not seen the previous seasons but I think they are releasing very close to one another. I guess we can take it as a long 50 episode weekend melodrama broken into seasons. Both previous seasons have been huge hits and I won’t be surprised if season 3 follows suit. Watch it for over-the-top but addicting fun.

Monthly Magazine Home / Monthly House

Network: JTBC

Premiere Date: June 16

Stars: Jung So Min (Hundred Million Stars from the Sky), Kim Ji Suk (My Unfamiliar Family), Chae Jung Ahn (Suits)

Slot: Wednesdays & Thursdays

Genre: Romance, Comedy

About: An editor of a lifestyle magazine and its CEO who have different ideologies with respect to a house.

Thoughts: Jung So Min and the mention of house and living — it is giving me déjà vu as both were present in Because This Life Is Our First. I’m super excited for this show as I love Jung So Min, and the drama is giving me a cheerful vibe of a cute and funny rom-com. It is penned by one of the writers of light-hearted dramas like A Poem A Day and long running series Rude Miss Young Ae, so another plus.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 2 / Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 2

Network: TV Chosun & Netflix

Premiere Date: June 12

Stars: Sung Hoon (Level Up), Lee Ga Ryung (Apgujeong Midnight Sun), Park Joo Mi (My ID Is Gangnam Beauty), Lee Tae Gon (Golden Fish)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Genre: Melodrama

About: Three women at different stages of their lives — 30’s, 40’s and 50’s — who work at a radio station.

Thoughts: This one was a surprise hit and now it is coming with a second season. I was initially interested in it but subsequently, after reading some reviews, I have this opinion — not my cup of tea. But this could appeal to viewers wanting a serious melodrama.

So Not Worth It

Network: Netflix

Premiere Date: June 18

Stars: Park Se Wan (School 2017), Shin Hyun Seung, Choi Young Jae (Kpop group GOT7), Minnie (Kpop group (G)I-dle), Han Hyun Min (Hip Hop King)

Slot: All episodes uploaded together

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sitcom

About: The life, love and friendships of students residing in an international university dormitory.

Thoughts: This one is a Netflix original sitcom and looks like a fun, light-hearted show. The cast majorly consists of Kpop idols, so if you are a fan, you might want to check this one out.

No One But a Madman


Network: MBC

Premiere Date: June 23

Stars: Jung Jae Young (Investigation Couple), Moon So Ri (Life), Lee Sang Yeob (Once Again)

Slot: Wednesdays & Thursdays

Genre: Drama, Workplace

About: The workplace life of middle-aged employees and their struggles in this competitive environment.

Thoughts: I like this fresh concept of showcasing the life and struggles of middle-aged workers as we usually see young employees or newcomers as the focal point in office dramas. I also like the strong cast of powerhouse actors. The drama comes from the writer of shows like Witch’s Court and Baby-faced Beauty.