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You Are My Spring is the new romance drama on tvN which is bringing a fresh pairing of Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook. The actress has done a lot of romcoms previously, like Let’s Eat 2, Oh Hae Young Again, Temperature of Love, The Beauty Inside. But her last drama Black Dog was a departure from those romantic plots. Kim Dong Wook was last seen in melodrama Find Me In Your Memory. They are joined by Yoon Park, who I really adored in Age Of Youth and The Package, and Nam Gyu Ri, who got lots of praise for her last drama Kairos.

The show revolves around the residents of a building where a murder took place. Seo Hyun Jin plays a hotel concierge manager who comes in contact with a psychiatrist, played by Kim Dong Wook. Yoon Park takes up the role of the CEO of an investment company while Nam Gyu Ri plays an actress. I guess the relationships would follow the standard formula of first loves, exes, new loves, love triangles and squares. The romance genre usually doesn’t offer new in terms of story but it’s the execution and chemistry that makes it special. And the nuances and the heart. I’m looking forward to this drama as I like the cast and the stills look promising too. I’m just wary of the term ‘murder’ in the synopsis and I hope there is no thriller element to the show.

You Are My Spring comes from the writer of positively reviewed 2015 drama Bubblegum. That one is still on my plan-to-watch list!

You Are My Spring premieres next week on July 5 in the Monday-Tuesday slot. It will also air on Netflix. It follows Doom At Your Service, which I had to sadly drop despite loving the leads — the central romance was just not appealing to me.