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It’s been years since I saw any So Ji Sub drama. The last for me was Oh My Venus back in 2015. The actor is now coming back with new MBC drama titled Dr. Lawyer after almost four years, his last small screen appearance being in My Secret Terrius. The title surely sounds kind of funny as if they are combining both medical and legal genres but before we make assumptions, let’s hear about the plot!

So Ji Sub stars as a former genius surgeon who converts his career into working as a medical malpractice lawyer after an incident of fabricated surgery led to loss of his medical license as well as reputation. He is joined by prosecutor from the Medical Crimes Department who lost a family member in that surgery.

Dr. Lawyer comes from the screenwriter of OCN drama Class Of Lies (or Mr. Temporary) and is scheduled for a 2022 premiere. The direction is by the PD of The Village: Achiara’s Secret and Haechi.