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The title is a mouthful for new Channel A drama Show Window: The Queen’s House. It is a melodrama with secret affairs and mystery as its backdrop. The show stars Song Yoon Ah (powerhouse actor known for dramas like On Air, Mama, The K2), Lee Sung Jae (Diary of a Prosecutor, Mirror of the Witch) and Jun So Min (One Percent of Anything).

The story might not be everyone’s cup of tea as it deals with extra marital affair. Song Yoon Ah plays a woman with a perfect family. Lee Sung Jae plays her husband. Jun So Min plays a woman who is having an affair with him and Song Yoon Ah’s character unknowingly befriends her and even encourages her. The story also involves murder, accident and mystery.

The plot is definitely crazy and potentially addictive. It premieres on November 29 in the slot of Mondays and Tuesdays. 2PM‘s Chansung costars as Song Yoon Ah’s brother. The idol has worked in dramas like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and So I Married an Anti-Fan.