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I’m looking forward to tvN’s upcoming drama Adamas as its plot sounds intriguing. Ji Sung takes on the role of twins in the drama — not the first time for the actor to play multiple roles as he displayed multiple personalities in 2015’s hit drama Kill Me, Heal Me. Bonus—the drama is directed by the PD of taut thriller Kairos.

Adamas is about twins who work together to solve an incident from 22 years ago. They are trying to clear the murder charges of their biological father, who was accused of killing their stepfather. They are trying to find the evidence — called Adamas, whatever that means. I guess that’s related to the fantasy genre described for the show as I don’t understand yet from the synopsis how fantasy comes into place. One brother is a best selling mystery writer and the other is a  special forces prosecutor.

Seo Ji Hye (Crash Landing On You) plays daughter-in-law of a large group’s CEO who ends up in an unhappy marriage. She starts working with one of the twins to take revenge against the group. Lee Soo Kyung (Ho Goo’s Love) plays a passionate and righteous reporter.

Adamas premieres on July 27 in the slot of Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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