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A lot of legal dramas are gracing our screens this year and another one is adding to the list — Nam Goong Min starrer One Dollar Lawyer. I really hope the oddball vibe I’m getting from the stills and promos is the tone they are going for as it will help in making things fresh. The actor has been doing serious roles in the past few projects (Awaken, The Veil, Stove League) so it’ll be good to see him doing comedy again.

Nam Goong Min plays a notable and skillful lawyer who only charges a fee of 1,000 won for his services. He helps people with no money and connections. Kim Ji Eun, who starred with Nam Goong Min in two other dramas The Veil and Doctor Prisoner, plays a lawyer in training who is in final stages of her training to become a prosecutor, and belongs to a prestigious family of lawyers. Her grandfather sends her to work with Nam Goong Min’s character for two months. Choi Dae Hoon (Crash Landing On You) stars as a prosecutor who wants to marry her and also belongs to royal family of lawyers.

One Dollar Lawyer will premiere on 23 September on SBS in the slot of Friday & Saturday. The show is penned by the writers of Defendant and Heart Surgeons.

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