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May is here and so are a new slew of Korean dramas to whet our appetite. There is a wide range of shows to choose from. Here is a brief information that might help!

My Perfect Stranger / Run Into You

Premiere Date: May 1

Network: KBS

Stars: Kim Dong Wook (You Are My Spring), Jin Ki Joo (The Secret Life Of My Secretary)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance

Synopsis: A news anchor and an editor travel back in time to year 1987 with different but connected objectives.

Thoughts: Intriguing. I love that both the leads travel across time, not just one. 80s & village & time travel adds freshness to the tiring plot of serial killer murders.

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Premiere Date: May 6

Network: tvN

Stars: Lee Dong Wook (My Girl), Kim So Yeon (Two Weeks), Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers), Ryu Kyung Soo (Glitch)

Slot: Saturday & Sunday

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance

Synopsis: This is second season of 2020 drama Tale Of The Nine Tailed. This instalment sees main lead travelling to year 1938 and his struggle to return to the present.

Thoughts: I enjoyed the start of season 1 before losing interest. The addition of amazing Kim So Yeon definitely makes me interested in this new season.

Delightfully Deceitful

Premiere Date: May 29

Network: tvN

Stars: Kim Dong Wook (You Are My Spring), Chun Woo Hee (Be Melodramatic), Yoon Park (Fanletter Please)

Slot: Monday & Tuesday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Crime, Drama

Synopsis: Two people with opposite personalities join hands to take revenge against common target.

Thoughts: I love Chun Woo Hee! The premise sounds engaging too. Revenge dramas are aplenty but the said team-up adds fresh color to it.

All That We Loved

Premiere Date: May 5

Network: TVING

Stars: Sehun (Kpop group EXO), Jo Joon Young (Live On), Jang Yeo Bin (Our Blooming Youth)

Slot: Fridays

Number Of Episodes: 8

Genre: Youth, Romance

Synopsis: A love triangle where two best friends fall in love with the same girl. One of the friends has received kidney transplant from the other.

Thoughts: The plot sounds like it has been overdone in various mediums. But the youthful vibe makes the drama look attractive.


Premiere Date: May 10

Network: Hulu

Stars: Lee Yeon Hee (Welcome To Wedding Hell), Yunho (Kpop group TVXQ) , Moon So Ri (Queenmaker), Hong Jong Hyun (Mother Of Mine)

Slot: All episodes released together.

Number Of Episodes: 12

Genre: Drama, Workplace, Romance

Synopsis: A woman gets hired despite her lack of qualifications, solely based on her passion. The show is about how she gets trapped in a recruitment scandal and her fight to survive and come out of this situation.

Thoughts: I usually love workplace dramas and this one has mildly piqued my interest. I’m not really a fan of anyone in the cast so the anticipation is pretty low.

Black Knight

Premiere Date: May 12

Network: Netflix

Stars: Kim Woo Bin (Our Blues), Song Seung Hun (Dinner Mate), Kang Yoo Suk (Start-Up), Esom (Taxi Driver)

Slot: Friday

Number Of Episodes: 6

Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Action

Synopsis: Based on a webtoon, the show is set in 2071 in a dystopian world when pollution has increased enormously and people can’t survive without respirators. They depend on special delivery agents called Knights. The story is about Knights struggle against a ruthless organization who wants to rule the world.

Thoughts: Yay for Kim Woo Bin! The premise is absolutely fresh and interesting.

Oh! Young Shim / Oh! Youngsimi

Premiere Date: May 15

Network: ENA

Stars: Song Ha Yoon (Fight For My Way), Donghae (Kpop group Super Junior), Lee Min Jae (Crash Course In Romance) , Jung Woo Yun (Meant to Be)

Slot: Friday

Number Of Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Synopsis: A variety show PD casts a start-up CEO for her new dating show, only to find out that he is her childhood friend who she has not met for past 20 years.

Thoughts: The plot sounds so much like 2022’s Love Is For Suckers — unsuccessful variety show PD, leads being friends, casting the guy in her dating show. But the major difference is friends being out of touch for many years. And the plot sounds like just the rom-com recipe I love.

One Day Off/ Travel Diary of Park Ha Kyung

Premiere Date: May 24

Network: Wavve

Stars: Lee Na Young (Romance Is A Bonus Book),

Slot: Wednesday

Number Of Episodes: 8

Genre: Drama, Life

Synopsis: This is about a high school Korean literature teacher who experiences unexpected but unforgettable moments during weekly one-day trips on Saturday.

Thoughts: I love the concept and potential. We would get a chance to see different locations and feels via each trip. Bonus, lots of special appearances by various actors like Han Ye Ri (Age Of Youth), Shim Eun Kyung (Miss Granny), Seo Hyun-Woo (Adamas), for different trips. Also, Lee Na Young! I love her subtle style of acting.

Happiness Battle

Premiere Date: May 31

Network: ENA

Stars: Lee El (My Liberation Notes), Jin Seo Yun (One The Woman), Cha Ye Ryun (Glamorous Temptation), Park Hyo Joo (Racket Boys)

Slot: Wednesday & Thursday

Number Of Episodes: 16

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Synopsis: A group of friends (and moms) who keep stepping on each other via social media competition suddenly find themselves in trouble when one of them dies under mysterious circumstances.

Thoughts: The plot sounds in line with SKY Castle and Penthouse, high class society and their shenanigans. The mystery thriller elements definitely adds intrigue to the show. It is based on a novel and the cast looks pretty impressive.