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  • IU as Lee Soon Shin
  • Go Doo Shim as Kim Jung Ae
  • Jung Dong Hwan as Lee Chang Hoon
  • Kim Yong Rim as Shim Mak Re
  • Son Tae Young as Lee Hye Shin
  • Yoo In Na as Lee Yoo Shin
  • Jo Jung Suk as Shin Joon Ho
  • Kim Gab Soo as Shin Dong Hyuk
  • Go Joo Won as Park Chan Woo
  • Lee Mi Sook as Song Mi Ryung
  • Kim Yoon Seo as Choi Yun Ah
  • Jung Woo as Seo Jin Wook
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Jo In Sung

Dad confronts Soon Shin about being conned. She tells him about it and that she will solve this problem and not to worry about it.

Joon Ho tells In Sung to send the casting directors to the restaurant and see if the employee Soon Shin is fit for acting, also to make a report on it.


Song Mi Ryung comes to meet Joon ho and is furious about the rumors started by a reporter. He assures her that he will solve the matter and it will not be printed.

Song Mi Ryung’s manager Hwang meets her at her doorstep and shows his worries over the reports. But she suspects him.

The bakery shop owner (Jung Woo) answers Woo Joo’s phone (it’s from her father) but the other man hangs up. Her father then has an argument with Hye Shin. This whole conversation is heard by dad. She tells him about her divorce and that she will tell him everything later when she is prepared to do so. Also, not to tell the family about it.

Hye Shin goes to the bakery to take back Woo Joo’s phone and gives money to the owner, who refuses but she goes away (as she is angry).

At home, Yoo Shin is extremely raged to see that Hye Shin will stay there for one more year as she will have to share her room for that period.


Dad is worried but tells that it’s indigestion when mom asks about it.

The casting directors come to the restaurant and secretly take Soon Shin’s photos. Also, they ask her to read something (by making up a story of weak eyesight.)

Yoo Shin goes to the clinic for a refund as she doesn’t want to be treated at Chan woo’s hospital. He sees her there but she succeeds in escaping. At her office, her colleague praises that her skin is glowing today.

Finally, Chan Woo’s mom tells Soon shin’s mom about her being cheated. Mom then goes to the hotel where she works and scolds her at home for not telling this. Soon shin thinks that dad told her and tells him that she is indeed a loser.

Dad tells mom not to worry as they have raised their daughters very well. She is a great mom.

Next day, Soon shin goes to work in a bad mood. She then regrets and tries to say sorry via message but deletes it. Dad goes to buy a cake for her and asks her to go on a date with him tonight (through text message.) She happily agrees.


Joon Ho goes to meet the head of the news agency, where that reporter works. But there he sees him coming out of a restaurant with Yun Ah. He tells him that the matter is been solved with her help. She later tells Joon Ho that he can tell Mi Ryung that the issue was solved by him, which really hurts him a lot.

He returns to his office and sees Soon shin’s report. The ratings given to her are very low. To In sung’s surprise, he tells him that it’s perfect. Also, to prepare a contract to sign her as a trainee. And he will show Yun Ah that he can complete the challenge.

He goes to Soon Shin’s workplace and sees that poster of the conman. She laughs when he asks her if she wants to become an actress. She doesn’t even give him a chance to give his business card.


Dad gets a call from Mi Ryung to meet. He goes to a posh restaurant, but is seen sitting with her by Joon Ho’s dad as he was passing by. She asks him if he told the reporters about her past.  He angrily tells her that what she is ashamed of so much. Also, that she is actually worried about her daughter, how she lived and how she looks like. He leaves after that.

She is filled with anger and goes after him. As he is crossing a road, she also comes there. She is totally drunk and doesn’t notice a car. He sees that and pushes her out of the way, but himself gets hit by it.