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The moment you set foot in the world of Seducing Mr. Perfect, it doesn’t take much time to comprehend that the plot comes straight from the pages of a mills and boon novel. A tall, handsome, brooding and cold boss (not to mention, an expert in love) on one side and a cute, cheerful, unsuccessful in love, naive secretary on the other. But the movie works as does this boss-secretary romance, which never fails to interest us however many times we have seen or read about them. The film is cute, sexy and fun with endearing leads and fine direction.

The story starts with Min-joon (Uhm Jung Hwa), a believer of true love but always suffers break ups even when she is so dedicated in her relationships. She meets Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney), who is her new boss. Both have different ideologies regarding love and he starts advising her about it. They eventually fall in love and after some conflicts (a requisite for making a climax of every story out there), they get their happy ending.

For me, the main attraction or appeal of the movie is Daniel Henney. He is so handsome, I was totally charmed by him. He perfectly fits in this role, which looks just made for him only. His lack of expressing emotions is thoroughly balanced by Uhm Jung Hwa‘s efficient and vivacious acting. They manage to have a cute chemistry. The movie never takes a very serious turn and there are enough of adorable and romantic moments that keep it an enjoyable watch. Yes, I never cared much for the characters except for the fact that they looked good and I found them lovable. One more unique and remarkable feature I liked about the film is that Daniel Henney has all his dialogues in English and Uhm Jung Hwa speaks in Korean throughout the movie, and it never looks irksome or incongruous.

As I said, Uhm Jung Hwa is perfect in her role, and has given good comic moments. She is totally delightful. Daniel Henney has done a very good job as his role demanded and I’m sure this film will make you fall for him. I don’t remember the soundtrack as I watched this in my earlier days and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Seducing Mr. Perfect is the perfect choice if you are in a mood of a light, feel good and romantic movie ride.

My Rating: 9 out of 10.