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That’s the only scene I liked and yes, the cute marriage proposal. Rest was meh!!


Soon-shin states that she will do everything that Mi-ryung wants but on one condition that she will have to clarify the rumors regarding her mother and family.

Joon-ho meets Soon-shin outside Mi-ryung’s house and she tells him about what she just did. He argues that what will she say to her family. She answers that this is better than hurting them and it is the best choice for her, even if she gets hurt, she doesn’t care.


Manager Hwang tells Mi-ryung that Soon-shin is doing all this because of her family and not because she likes her. She says that at least there is a progress. She will erase the shyness in Soon-shin and completely get rid of her family’s influence and she will change her to become Song Mi-ryung’s daughter.

Soon-shin informs mom about her decision and she reacts positively. Mom tells other sisters as well to encourage Soon-shin as she is the one who is most depressed and confused. Later, Soon-shin tells the reason for her actions to her sisters.

Chan-woo’s mom tells him to come for a lunch the next day. She invites Yi-jung as well.


Chan-woo brings flowers for Yoo-shin and proposes her to marry him. She accepts.

Mi-ryung tells Joon-ho to bring offers of movies and dramas that have role for both her and Soon-shin and she says that this time she will forgive him and continue her contract with him.

Mi-ryung takes Soon-shin for shopping and she buys some expensive clothes for her. She tells her that they should do an interview together to clarify the rumors. Soon-shin is happy to hear this.


Soon-shin gives those clothes to Chan-mi as she doesn’t want her family to get sad by seeing that.

Woo-joo gets bullied at school for the obvious reasons but Jin-wook comes there and saves her. He teaches her to make a strong impact through a fearless expression.

Joon-ho’s father asks Mi-ryung to model for some cosmetics. He goes for a drink with her but lies it as a company party when his wife asks about it.

Chan-woo’s mom goes to meet Yi-jung, who has brought along her mother as well. They talk cordially and when Chan-woo comes there, he is surprised to see them. Before anyone could say anything, he declares that he is going to marry his girlfriend and he came to tell his mother about it.


Chan-woo tells his mother that Yoo-shin has accepted his marriage proposal. She is very, very upset and furious.

Soon-shin thanks Young-hoon for everything. Yun-ah comes there and tells him that she will take cooking classes at his restaurant with Joon-ho’s mom.

Outside, Soon-shin meets Joon-ho who tells her to take acting sincerely. She asks him the reason for his care, but he cannot answer properly and just says that because she is so stupid, he has to think about her. He makes her promise him to discuss each and every decision she takes, with him.


Yoo-shin informs mom that she is getting married but keeps it a secret as to whom. Grandma finds out that Soon-shin went to Mi-ryung. She rushes to her house.

Mi-ryung arranges the interview, where to her utter disappointment, Soon-shin tells that her family has always supported her. She never felt that she is not their daughter. Her sisters and mother treat her very well. Grandma, Yoo-shin and mom come to Mi-ryung’s place, but she sends them off. Grandma calls Soon-shin’s name, but she can’t go due to the interview.

On the street, Chan-woo’s mom comes and starts fighting with Yoo-shin physically and tells the rest of them that Chan-woo wants to  marry Yoo-shin.