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I initially planned to watch Shark but now I’m dropping that idea as I have neither the interest nor the time for shows that can’t attract me even to try the first episode. One thing is for sure, I watch dramas to simply entertain myself and I don’t want to change that reason into an exercise of watching as many dramas as I can. Following this revenge melodrama, human medical drama Good Doctor is up for the premiere and it stars Joo Won as an autistic genius doctor, Moon Chae Won as a principled, good-hearted and blunt doctor, Joo Sang Wook as the strict and arrogant doctor and Kim Min Seo as his fiance. Yes, we have a whole lot of doctors here. The drama looks like a heartwarming take on medicine field and looks light, what I judge from the stills. I’m not super-excited for it but I’m not ignoring it either.

Everybody is looking great and I like the whole cast in general. Things definitely sound pedestrian and clichéd (except the main basic story line), but I like simple things so this one looks cool from that point of view, only if they are not boring and makjang. Good Doctor is directed by the PD who also helmed Joo Won’s Ojakkyo Brothers and the writer did God’s Quiz. The drama will air on KBS with the Monday-Tuesday slot. Stills Galore!!

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