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New Korean Dramas: July 2020

I cannot believe it’s July already! Half the year gone! This month, we again have a long list of Korean drama premieres — 9 to be exact! Without further ado, let’s have a look at them:

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REVIEW: She Was Pretty (2015)


She Was Pretty is what I would call a kdrama rom-com in its truest sense. But in a good way of course. It is easy, feel-good, romantic, funny, full of typical love ballads, love-squared and add all other good adjectives for a kdrama minus all the melodramatic and sad ones. Nothing great, but exciting enough to make it a pleasant ride. Continue reading

Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Joon Yul pair up for ‘Lucky Romance’, Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Chung Ah costar


This is really a must watch for me! It stars Ryu Joon Yul! My new favorite actor, thanks to his charming turn in Answer Me 1988. I was eagerly waiting for his next show and it is arriving in the form of upcoming romantic comedy Lucky Romance. Its rom-com genre is just the cherry on top but I was not too excited to hear that the leading lady is Hwang Jung Eum. I don’t have any problem with her but I find her energy level a bit too much in certain roles/scenes and her overacting takes that annoying turn a lot of Continue reading

She Was Pretty: Episode 2


I had to do a double take while watching episode 2 of She Was Pretty as the man I was about to swoon over turned out to be a lot different from what I thought during the premiere episode. I thought Sung Joon was a gentleman but actually he is more like a jerk. I got my first surprise when that elevator scene was replayed — it was Sung Joon who forced the other girl to go out of the lift but it was Shin Hyuk who welcomed Hye Jin inside the Continue reading