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I haven’t seen any melodrama this year. To be more accurate, I have seen only one traditional melo till date, if we go by the definition in dramaland and it’s Nice Guy. I planned to watch some of the announced and anticipated ones but ended up skipping all of them as they didn’t interest me enough to spend time on them. The upcoming melodrama Secret starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee seems like a good choice to change the taste of dramas I’m watching right now a bit. It is the story of a woman (our heroine) who accepts jail sentence in place of her boyfriend who caused death of a girl. The victim’s boyfriend is our hero who later meets the heroine, who gets betrayed by her boyfriend when she comes out after completing the prison term. Well, the show has all one needs in a melodrama but I’m interested in it because the cast is good and if the execution is sterling, I’ll end up adding it in my dramalist.

Secret has about three weeks for its premiere as it follows the Wednesday-Thursday drama Sword and Flower on KBS. Oho, I’m already watching two shows of the same slot (Master’s Sun and Two Weeks), how will I accommodate this drama in my plate when I’m having difficulty in adjusting even these two shows. Anyways, Secret held script reading a few days back and also dropped stills. The first batch of stills show Ji Sung choking Hwang Jung Eum, possibly after finding out that she is the one who made him lose his love. The other one shows the cute and happy days of the couple Hwang Jung Eum-Bae Soo Bin, maybe before that accident that changed their life drastically.

Ji Sung headed to Spain with fiance Lee Bo Young recently to take the engagement pictures. Wow, such a tight schedule!! Wedding and drama. It’s also noteworthy that both the male leads are getting married this year and even during the airing of Secret. No time for honeymoon, I guess.

Secret begins on September 11.

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