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After juggling through three dramas simultaneously (that includes long pending I Hear Your Voice and the currently airing Two Weeks and Master’s Sun), I can finally take a small break from dramas after completing two of the three shows. I didn’t get time for IHYV as the other two were already airing in the same slot but I have to admit that it was never addicting watch for me because even if we are busy like a bee, we always take out time for the things we want or like. Now I’m only left with Master’s Sun which has final two episodes to air and then I can freely look forward to the next crop of shows and time travel Marry Him If  You Dare (or Mi Rae’s Choice/ Future’s Choice) is among the dramas I’m anticipating right now. The prime reason is the leading man Lee Dong Gun who I really like and as he is making a comeback after a loooong time, it will be exciting to see. I like Jung Yong Hwa as well, and even if I’m not a Yoon Eun Hye fan, she is an actress who I find cute and good.

After dropping stills for the latter two, Marry Him If You Dare has finally released Lee Dong Gun’s pictures from the drama. And let me say, he is looking gorgeous and fresh and so young!! He plays a broadcast announcer and future husband to Mi Rae, who is a writer and gets advised by her future self to not get married to him when she travels back in time. Also check out the other stills featuring second lead Han Chae Ah who plays a reporter in the show which is basically set in a broadcasting station.

It looks like the tone of the drama is cute and fun and the team behind the camera includes writer of The King 2 Hearts and PD of Bad Love. Marry Him If You Dare starts on 14th October following the hit medical show Good Doctor.