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It is a matter of few hours and Heirs will finally premiere on SBS. Yayyyy. The show is continuously dropping promotional stills and trailers and posters. Not that I’m complaining. To be honest, I found everything quite simple and nothing extra ordinary until I saw the latest poster featuring the leads Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. I like that we are having a couple who is breaking the mould of most of the Kdrama couples who fight like cats and dogs (I love that too!!) and we have people who care for each other and understand each other with mutual sympathy right from the beginning. In fact, most of the shows/ movies depend on the hate phase to start the relationship between the OTP before they develop friendliness. But as we have already covered that in ep 1, I’m very much interested to know what will happen between them in the remaining 19 episodes.

Coming back to the topic of discussion, i.e. the poster; it features the actors through a rear-view mirror. Lee Min Ho is looking intently at Park Shin Hye, while she is looking somewhere else, at the surroundings. I love the uniqueness of the picture and minimalist use of colors and other accessories. It is giving a melancholic as well as romantic feeling which I’m finding very enticing. I like the mixture of awkwardness and attachment between the leads. Yes, I’m a sucker for gradual development of feelings (okay, not veryyyyy slow but balanced).

Heirs airs Wednesday-Thursday from today. The shows competing with it are Medical Top Team, also premiering today with its powerhouse ensemble cast and revenge melodrama Secret which has gone outside my interest zone long before.