Preview stills for ‘Heirs’: Episodes 7-8


What is the whole drama world talking about right now? Of course, it’s not a mathematics question to answer as the upcoming kiss shared between the leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye for Heirs is the talk of the town right now. People are speculating about the type, whether there will be eyes closed, will it be forced, etc, etc. Lee Min Ho has given epic kissing scenes before while Park Shin Hye has always remained chaste in it. Let’s see how this one turns out. As far as I’m concerned, kissing is only like an icing on the cake for me and not the main thing because all I need is to feel excited when my couple falls in love and I’m a happy camper if it succeeds in it.

I think last week of Heirs turned out to be quite serious than we expected. I really want the drama to focus on the fun and rom-com parts and tone down the melodramatic angle as that makes it a bit heavy on seriousness. And with the show full of young actors, we want lots of energy and feel goodness. I’m getting that but in parts and please, no bullying!! Kim Tan remains my favourite thing and I understand his indifferent behaviour towards everything as he doesn’t want to get involved in anymore trouble as he was formerly one of the bad guys. I want the show to answer some past questions here about what happened and all. Right now, he is happy only with Eun Sang and rest everything is dull for him. I don’t agree that Eun Sang has changed from the earlier gutsy persona to someone who is fearful. She has this great inferiority complex of being poor right from the beginning and when she came to this school of über rich kids, it’s obvious that she’ll act that way. I really want these two to improve for good.

The other released stills have Rachel and Young Do together. I’m not getting any chemistry vibes yet as she always has this constant expression of scorn which makes her boring to me. The other pics have another set of love triangle with Kim Won, Hyo Shin and Hyun Joo. Heirs needs to explore more of these characters because I’ve not warmed up to them yet. There are still 14 episodes to go and room for lots of growth.

I know this will sound like a broken record but I simply can’t wait to put my hands on the next episode of Heirs. I complete one and then I want MORE!!

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17 thoughts on “Preview stills for ‘Heirs’: Episodes 7-8

  1. evez!..Kim Tan kissing Eun Sang!….and the rest of the stills look delish!..oh boy, why are there so many beautiful men in Korea?…what is it they have?…aaarrghhh! <3<3<3

      1. jessica

        may I ask wud ep is tht?(both of em’ kissing),I watched ep7 aldry but I dun remebr seeing it, is it airing in ep8?

  2. Caitlyn

    It’s totally not a love triangle between Kim Won, Hyo Shin and the tutor girl. The girl likes Kim Won but can’t be with him, and Hyo Shin just has a crush. So, it’s not a triangle, it’s just a line, plus a one sided crush, lol

    And urgh, the kiss looks forced, and I really hate that. I can’t squee over it because it just makes me annoyed at the character doing it. And I like Tan so I don’t want to be annoyed at him 😦

  3. angelamiles

    im so excited to watch this episode while they are kissing kim tan take photo…for what reason to threat eun sang or to blackmail?

  4. Chou

    OMG That’s ..
    I am so happy and chocked in the same time, but I really hope that this kiss will be prettier than Tan’s confession, it was his feelings but just too much jealous, poor EunSang oo”
    This phone in his hand makes me curious.
    Excited to have the expected episode 8 😀


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