Three awesome Big Baby Driver songs from ‘Heirs’ OST

h1 Big Baby Driver is my favorite artist as far as K-music is concerned. Her songs always have refreshing indie vibe and they are very soothing. I feel relaxed when I listen to her tracks and feel the same beautiful lazy feeling I get when drinking a cup of coffee on a cold Sunday morning. The first time I heard her song was in satirical comedy King Of Dramas, then in Dating Agency Cyrano and now finally in currently airing Heirs, which has not one but total three songs by her. I wonder why the show hasn’t used these lovely tracks more frequently, which come as a welcome breather instead of the loud, over-the-top ones that it constantly used but now has toned down. What a relief. I can’t remember exactly where these songs have been used in the drama as they are placed randomly but I did feel a familiarity when I heard these for the first time. The Big Baby Driver numbers are Here For You, What We Used to Be and Some Other Day; all having her signature awesome style, all the while having uniqueness of their own. My personal favorite is Here For You. All the songs have a classic appeal.

Here For You

What We Used to Be

Some Other Day

(Credit to uploaders)

6 thoughts on “Three awesome Big Baby Driver songs from ‘Heirs’ OST

  1. evez

    ….oh i love the collections of the songs!…i think they did some OSTs from other drama i just couldn’t remember them…..


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