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Korean remake of ‘Designated Survivor’ with Ji Jin Hee premieres tomorrow on tvN

Designated Survivor: 60 Days is the latest remake in Korean dramaland starring Ji Jin Hee (Misty) in the lead role. The show’s American original is a political thriller headlined by Kiefer Sutherland. It aired first 2 seasons on ABC, but after its cancellation was announced, it was picked up by Netflix which is airing its third season now. Continue reading

This past week saw three new premieres: Cross, Radio Romance and Misty

This past week was full of premieres. Not one, not two but three new dramas entered the drama universe and each with a different vibe. Here is a summary of previews for all three: Continue reading

‘Second to Last Love’ with Kim Hee Ae and Ji Jin Hee premieres this weekend on SBS


I’m very interested in upcoming weekend drama Second to Last Love, which is sudden because I didn’t pay attention to it until recently when I realised it’s premiering this week. The show is a remake of a Jdrama of the same name and stars Kim Hee Ae, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Seul Gi and Kwak Shi Yang in the lead roles. Firstly, I like this cast a lot and secondly, the plot is also pretty feel-good. Continue reading

Long melodrama ‘I Have a Lover’ starts this weekend on SBS


Reunions of popular drama pairings was in full trend last year and it was a bit disappointing that 2015 didn’t see much of that. But new weekender on SBS, I Have a Lover, seems to change that as it reunites Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee after 11 years after they first appeared together in 2004 rom-com drama Miss Kim Makes 1 Million. I’m sure the viewers who have seen it, must be on cloud nine right now and Continue reading

Vampires and doctors in ‘Blood’ as it prepares to premiere next week


Just give me a moment as I can’t stop laughing after seeing the HILARIOUS posters from upcoming KBS drama Blood. It is so weird with leading man Ahn Jae Hyun hugging himself — he is doctor as well as vampire in the show. Then there is the other one where the leads are drinking blood via stethoscope! LOL. The creative team behind the posters took it too literally! Anyway, this mild snark aside, I’m actually going to watch this show as it can have either of the two ways to go: it can be ‘so bad it’s good’ variety or it can surprise everyone by being genuinely good, which is not like a pipe dream as the Continue reading