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I can count a number of reasons for my love for Prime Minister And I but the chief among them is the relaxation it gives. One hour passes by so easily and I can’t get enough of the delightfulness of the couple. Episodes 3 and 4 cemented the charm of this old-fashioned romantic comedy for me. The marriage finally takes place and I was really feeling sad when suddenly Da Jung’s father forgot about her but made a big sigh of relief when he finally regained his memory and finally walked with his daughter, just like he wanted. The drama is strictly funny and feel-good but it has this groundedness as well which provides depth to have an emotional connection with its main characters. I couldn’t care less for rest of the people but I think they will have more importance as the show progresses. What I love about Yul and Da Jung is that their bickering is only because of their nature and in spite of that, they have lots of respect and liking for one another. They appreciate each other’s qualities and good points. I’m so glad that the show didn’t hesitate to show some physical attraction between the two. Especially I loved how our hero was taken aback for a second when Da Jung came all dolled up. They are not sad or irritated while getting into their contract marriage. In fact, they have adjusted with situations quite optimistically as both have a common reason to enter into the marriage: family.

Da Jung keeps on being a delight to watch with her bubbly personality and affectionate heart. Similarly, Yul is so simple in nature. He reacts like a normal person and I love that he isn’t some weirdo (like so many drama heroes). He has his principles but he is real. And the comedy installed in the fantasies of these two is so funny!! At least they have something in common. Plus, the youngest child Man Se is cute as a button and even when Da Jung is already his favorite, she will have to face an uphill battle to win the hearts of other two kids.

As I’m watching Prime Minister And I, the comparison from my previous drama Heirs comes automatically as this one is well paced with no dragging, the love story is moving forward gradually, there is humour and lightness, and I don’t feel frustrated at all.

The age difference between the leads doesn’t bother even a bit. In fact, it is one of the attractions of the drama to see how strikingly different they are. Now, this is what I call a perfect ‘opposites attract’ scenario.