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The upcoming romantic comedy film Plan Man looks like a great combo of cuteness and fun with touch of light-hearted feel. It stars Jung Jae Young (Someone Special) and Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince) in the lead roles as a couple with A to Z completely different personalities. He stars in the titular role of a man who meticulously plans everything, you know the one on the lines of OCD, but falls for a girl who dislikes planning each and every thing in life. So he takes help from Han Ji Min’s character, who plays the leader of a rock band and his total opposite, to transform from a plan man to a carefree, normal guy. Of course they’ll end up falling in love. As if it even required mentioning.

Plan Man has the good old-fashioned story line of sparks flying between two entirely different people but what makes rom-coms fresh is the treatment and actors. The premise, stills and posters look full of crazy and humourous shenanigans. Add superlative acting and the result is a nice way to get good laughs and warm romance. I haven’t seen any of the leads’ works before but definitely read good things about them. A rom-com with stellar actors is always an awesome treat. The film is releasing on January 9.

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