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I can’t count how many times I’ve already said about how much I love Prime Minister And I. It takes me into a soothing, charming world where there is so much warmth, calmness and understanding. Episode 8 was another winner as we got to see more developments and realisations on our OTP’s front. Also, there were revelations of the past about things that accompanied a question mark with them till now.


  • I simply loved how cutely Da Jung takes all the medical tests. Also, later when Yul extends his arms around her and she gets too aware of it.
  • Da Jung helps Yul to remove his coat, his tie and even unbuttoning his shirt (LOL) and Lee Bum Soo’s expressions of discomfort are priceless!
  • Da Jung is more and more affected by Yul. She literally sees him all glowing and tries to distract her mind by practising but again Yul comes there to help her.
  • Yul misses Da Jung more than he wants to admit. Clearly we can see her influence on him when he tries to crack a conversation with kids during lunch and imagines her advising him when he is talking in a bit of stern manner. He keeps on checking time and also spends the waiting hours by stitching. He comes out with the excuse of fresh air. Ha.
  • Da Jun comes home with In Ho after visiting her dad in the hospital and Yul comes to know that his hyung is also in the same hospital. I love how he tries to emphasise that he was not waiting for Da Jung and just taking some fresh air. Who asked you about it Yul? LOL
  • Da Jung gladly does everything Yul asks her to do and he is surprised at it. She forcefully makes him hear the bedtime story of Arabian Nights. She goes when he sleeps but writes thank you on his bandage before leaving as well as thanks him for taking care of her dad. After she is out, we see that Yul is actually awake as he open his eyes and smiles after reading her cute note. This scene was so sweet.
  • Yul goes to market place due to work and buys a hairpin for Na Ra as well as Da Jung. But of course, he hesitates to give it to her. You have to just see how awesomely and adorably he makes different excuses to give that pin to her but at last, fails when Da Jung says that she is too old to wear a pin.
  • When Hye Joo wonders whether Da Jung sees the contract marriage as her insurance, Yul says that he will help Da Jung in whatever she does after their marriage ends.
  • Da Jung thinks about In ho’s words from before that he wants to confess his feelings for the woman he likes. She thinks about Yul and asks him whether he still loves his first wife.
  • In Ho confesses to Da Jung that he likes her. She drinks in nervousness and passes out on the dining table. Yul comes there and tries to wake her up. After few attempts, he quietly sits besides her and asks what he should do with her. She is his ‘homework’ . Aww.


There is something immensely attractive about how Yul always sticks to his principles and with that he does all cute caring gestures for Da Jung. Also, in the midst of all swooning awkward moments between the OTP, we always get a nice treat of heartwarming conversation between the two. It is also pretty ironic that all the three characters: Yul, Hye Joo and In Ho, are still pinning onto the past while our bubbly optimistic heroine lives in the present. I seriously don’t get In Ho’s super high crush thing as love because he didn’t spend this much time with Da Jung that he is already showing signs of desperate love. As much as I like Da Jung’s cheery and happy-go-lucky nature, I hope she learns to be a bit more careful with In Ho as all the eyes are on them and that snowball fight on outside premises was somewhat reckless on her part. I’m sure she will avoid In Ho from now on as his feelings are out in the open. I like that there is gradual growth of Yul with respect to his father role as he is trying to communicate with kids, all thanks to our Da Jung who keeps on reminding him that. I simply can’t wait to see the OTP struggle with their feelings juxtaposed with circumstances that bring them closer nonetheless.