Lee Bo Young confirms her next drama ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’


2013 was an awesome year for Lee Bo Young, both professionally and personally. She starred in two highly rated dramas, My Daughter Seo Young and I Hear Your Voice and received lots of accolades, love and awards including the grand prize for acting. Also, she tied the knot with long time boyfriend Ji Sung. I liked her a lot in IHYV as the moody, honest and bratty lawyer with a good heart. She owned the part and now she is ready to work in her next show, another SBS drama titled God’s Gift – 14 Days, that will replace currently airing melodrama Warm Words, taking the Monday-Tuesday slot. It is a time travel drama, which looks so dated now but well, let’s see what fresh thing it brings to our screens.

God’s Gift – 14 Days is about a mother who goes back in time in order to save her child who she has lost in the present time. I actually feel a lot confused with all these time slip themes. It works a lot better when they set certain rules but becomes all hodgepodge if they work on convenient basis. This drama comes from the PD of Dummy Mom and the writer penned Lee Jun Ki‘s Iljimae. From the story, it looks like a blending of Two Weeks and Nine and can be a good show if it hits the right emotional buttons with adroit execution.

God’s Gift – 14 Days will premiere sometime in February.

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