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Prime Minister And I makes me realise how much I’ve missed the typical, proper old-fashioned romantic comedy recently. Master’s Sun was great but it involved fantasy elements whereas Dating Agency Cyrano had main focus on its cases of the week and Heirs took the melo route for most of its part. So here I am, savouring all the romantic and hilarious goodness from the latest offering of PMAI. LOVE IT. Episode 9 focused on the growing attraction and closeness with finally bringing in the guilt factor for our hero. Another thing that I really enjoy about good rom-coms is that they take one small conflict at a time and solve it quickly in an amusing, funny manner. Same is the case here as well as the whole reporter issue was sorted out without much fuss: the first was having a comedic punch while the last one was having a romantic knight-in-shining-armour kind of feel as Yul came there to save the day.


  • The ski enjoyment where we got to see more loving accidents and silent, soft smiles from the OTP. The background song by Taemin was the cherry on top that completed the picture perfectly.
  • The first scene where the whole scenario was subverted when the nasty reporter and Da Jung’s drinks are mixed. I found that scene really funny.
  • How much I adore Hee Chul now for helping Da Jung in his adorable, kind ways. Till now I thought he was just a simple character who didn’t have much importance. But he was winning through and through this time.
  • The ramen eating, the age-old formula of dramaland where the guy tries to wipe off something from the girl’s lips (it always works by the way, hee) and later, Man Se and ajhumma spreading the gossip everywhere. Hahaha.
  • The hug in the last scene. EEEEEE.


I loved how Yul’s arc moved throughout this episode. Starting with him saying that he would never let go Na Jung and then getting attracted towards her, followed by the guilt of being happy and then finally his feelings winning over through that last hug. I can understand why he feels that he doesn’t deserve that happiness in love. For one thing, he has lost his first wife Na Young and his children are also growing up without her. So the sarcastic remark by Joon Ki that he should not forget Na Young was all that was needed to make him go back to the state of being closed to love, from where he was slowly coming out. Also, he is a principled man and the contract marriage should have its limitations and boundaries, is what he believes. So somewhere that reason also makes him slow down his steps towards Na Jung. And what do I say about her, she is simply awesome. I love that in spite of all warnings, suggestions, cautions about staying away from Yul, she is firmly going forward and enjoying the present bliss of the marriage she is in and trying to find happiness with the man she loves. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next episode like a kid waiting for summer holidays. Let’s see where the drama takes us from that hotel room hug!