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What an intense start for God’s Gift – 14 Days, the new drama on SBS for its Monday-Tuesday slot. I had lots of expectations with it and it met all of them and some more. The drama has that eerie, chilling atmosphere and a seriousness in tone, which is all the more impactful by the use of minimum colours throughout. I can feel that contrast much more because I just finished You From Another Star that was all candy floss and colorful to the max.

The drama so far introduces our players as well as sets the main plot— broadcast writer Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) who has a happy family with lawyer husband and a cute and kind daughter Saet Byul, private detective Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) who lives a reckless life and Soo Hyun’s first love and police detective Woo Jin (Jung Kyeo Woon). A murderer who has committed three serial murders kidnaps Saet Byul when Soo Hyun’s company broadcasts a program about him and then later she gets killed while running away from him. This renders Soo Hyun utterly depressed and in this state, she tries to commit suicide by drowning herself in the same lake where Saet Byul died. This is where we end in episode 2.

The drama does a good job in creating an emotional bond with the viewers with showing so many heartwarming and endearing scenes between mother-daughter duo as well as Saet Byul with others— like the mentally challenged boy she befriends and even goes with him to his school event. I like that the way events happened in the two episodes were quite unpredictable even when the premise was already known. Even now, I can’t anticipate how the things will turn out or what all clues Soo Hyun can use to amend the past unfortunate incident. I liked how the drama has a very fresh appeal in its style with focusing on things which are not explained but might be important later on. I did feel that some scenes (the goons fighting with Dong Chan, for example) were longer than required but overall the pace is fine.

There are also subplots or may I say, supporting characters— the president and his arc, Dong Chan’s brother, etc. which I’m not sure have impact on what is happening or they are just to obfuscate. Anyway, God’s Gift – 14 Days had a pretty solid start and I loved it.

Lee Bo Young knocked it out of the park with her touching performance of a mother and rest of the cast is quite decent too. We will have to see more of them to get a clear picture. A shout out for Baro who is doing a great job as a mentally challenged boy.

On a side note, Lee Bo Young looks amazingly beautiful in God’s Gift – 14 Days!