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This post contains spoilers.


There were so many questions lingering on our minds since God’s Gift – 14 Days started and the 6th episode answered lots of them—Dong Chan’s backstory, the connection between him and the serial killer, what is the source of contention between him and Woo Jin, why he always kept on thinking that Ji hoon’s face looks familiar, the motive of the serial murders. Yes, there is the whole deluge of answers provided for our perusal. But that doesn’t mean we are free from the mystery totally as the uneasy feeling of ‘there might be somebody else involved in it’ never goes and it is so creepy!

I loved how our players Soo Hyun and Dong Chan made the series of connections by using different clues to come up with the possibility of an accomplice in the murders and it is indeed true that nothing is being changed and that puts me on pins and needles about the fate of Saet Byul. But as they have been given the chance to correct the past, it means that there is the chance of saving her, right Show?


It is not unbelievable of Dong Chan to form his theory (which was so detailed, a bit complex but totally satisfying and complete) regarding the murder of the serial killer—connecting all dots—as he himself was an elite cop. I like that the writer knows what she wants to convey and it is evident from the fact that all the events that we saw earlier have their own significance in the new time line as well. Also, I’m intrigued by all the different clues (or red herrings) thrown at us which increase the enigmatic aura—like the notes regarding past murder case of Dong Chan’s brother—hanging at Young Gyu’s house, or the grandpa knowing more than he lets on, the jewelery found with Ji Hoon, the broken camera with Young Gyu, his grandma: all these things are connected but how?

So we have a new killer on the loose and the last scene simply sent chills down my spine when Soo Hyun saw that room full of hundreds of pictures of Saet Byul, the ropes etc. and when that door is slowly opened, complete with that eerie shrieking sound—shivers!


I’m still confused about what is the role of the president because if he is involved in the crime, it looks very weird that he would do such a thing just to ensure his popularity by passing a law. Well, let’s wait and see what happens next.