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This post contains spoilers

Episode 5 of God’s Gift – 14 Days was all about the showdown with the serial killer we thought would be killed last week. It amazes me how quickly the state of affairs changed—first we discovered the identity of the murderer (a creepy surprise), then the players of the drama found out about him (in the same episode without meandering for the cat and mouse chase and taking up time for it), then he was captured and confronted, interrogated, then he was released and finally gets killed in the last scene. Whoa! Now that is one fast paced turn of events. The drama very well knows how to keep the viewers on the tenterhooks. It is also very disappointing and startling that nothing actually changed as far as fate is concerned, though the pattern of the events have slightly modified. So now what? It is very clear that somebody or something else is behind Saet Byul’s kidnapping and although I have my suspicions about it, I’ll talk about it when the show wants me to. Meanwhile, I’m intrigued by the series of clues and questions the show keeps on dropping—for instance, the jewellery found in Soo Hyun’s husband’s pocket, Dong Chan keeps on remembering his face, the grandpa at Dong Chan’s house, the idol Snake, the connection between Soo Hyun/ serial killer and Dong Chan/ serial killer, to name a few. There is always the creepy feeling I get while watching this drama but all in a good way as it is one of the compelling and effective features of it.


Keeping the creeps and thrills aside, on the other side of spectrum, I’m in love with the growing affection between Soo Hyun and Dong Chan. All their scenes were the spotlight for me— the car one with each healing each other’s wounds and then light bickering and care. How much I loved the way Dong Chan praised her and called her cool and awesome—says a lot about how wonderful he himself is, providing the much-needed warmth, encouragement, acknowledgement and support she needs in the current dire situations. (I know she is married but can I secretly ship these two?). Then the way he cutely kept on emphasising the point that he has no girlfriend or the way he saved her from taking the blame of killing someone by rescuing that killer, everything simply makes me fall for him more and more (Jo Seung Woo is once again making me his fangirl after the last thing I saw him in, the beautiful film Classic).

Then what do I say about Soo Hyun—she rocks! I loved how she continued to use every method and strength to save her daughter. I can totally understand her impulsive behaviour as she is in utter desperation.


I’m also curious about Ji Hoon—who looks very righteous in the light of his work ethics and all but there is always a mysterious air about him—is he a good guy or bad one? Though I feel that he is honest for his family and loves them but I could be wrong.

There are a whole plethora of question marks for all the characters and connections and incidences and I can’t wait to find out the final true arrangement to this whole jigsaw puzzle!