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I haven’t seen Gu Hye Sun in anything else other than the off-the-charts popular and hit Boys Before Flowers where I had a mixed opinion about her performance. She was good at some parts but mostly I felt that there was a lot of over-acting on her part and it didn’t help that the chemistry with Lee Min Ho was one-sided. Her following projects (The Musical, Take Care Of Us Captain) didn’t interest me and they couldn’t follow the gargantuan success of Boys Before Flowers. Now she is back with weekend show Angel Eyes this time and I’m pleasantly surprised to see her in a new style with long hair! Her leading man is Lee Sang Yoon who last starred in sageuk Goddess Of Fire which fell flat rating wise as well as in terms of international viewership. Anyhow, these two will play lovers who reunite after 12 years of separation with initially being in love but breaking up due to painful family situations. Well, the story looks by the books as far as a whole lot of kdramas of first loves are concerned. The thing that adds a new flavour is that the heroine was blind but then received eye donation and now works as a passionate emergency medical technician. Of course, this means she won’t be able to recognise him. The teenage counterparts are being played by Kang Ha Neul (who has been added in my favorites list after being a breath of fresh air and scene stealer in Heirs) and Nam Ji Hyun (who starred opposite Kim Soo Hyun in Will It Snow For Christmas where both of them played the lead pair’s teenage roles— during his initial acting days, before he skyrocketed to super-stardom).

Before this casting, a fair amount of names floated as potential actors like Lee Jun Ki, Han Ji Min but the drama finally locked the current cast along with Kim Ji Sook (I Need Romance 2012), Kpop group Big Bang‘s Seung Ri and Jung Jin Young (Dong Yi).

Angel Eyes reunites Gu Hye Sun with her Boys Before Flowers scriptwriter (who also penned Operation Proposal) while the PD directed Will It Snow For Christmas (that had similar story line). The show is set to premiere on April 5 after Thrice Married Woman wraps up on SBS. Check out the first teaser.