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Last year one drama came that was as low buzzed as possible but then after its premiere, it won million of hearts. The drama was noir Heartless City and people went crazy for its leading man Jung Kyung Ho. I didn’t watch it as it looked too dark for my Kdrama taste. Another drama that had similar fate was Secret— a melodrama that looked too pedestrian and as dull as catalogues during the promotion. But then gradually everyone starting praising it left and right, but I skipped it as it seemed very weepy and over the top. Anyway, you must be wondering why I’m writing about these two? Well, the leads of these two shows, Jung Kyung Ho and Hwang Jung Eum, have been confirmed to star in upcoming weekend drama Endless Love. It is a period drama set in the 80s which will focus on the love of main female character. Jung Kyung Ho stars as the rebellious younger brother who is in love with his brother’s ex-girlfriend from like forever and vows to do it all his life and hence, the title being endless love! The older brother role is being offered to Ryu Soo Young (who was great in Two Weeks as the cop after the man-on-the-run Lee Jun Ki). This character is that of an ambitious man. The drama will weave the plot against the economic and political scenario of that time. I do want to watch Jung Kyung Ho’s acting but this one looks like another show I’ll have to say goodbye to as it is planning to have 50 episodes, not to mention the uninteresting story line and also, I’m not a huge fan of the actors that could have roped me in. Anyway, I always wonder why I keep on reading news related to weekenders and then after wearing my thinking cap, I came to the answer: each channel has two weekend dramas airing for them in a season and hence, three networks make that to six in total and thus, the drama world is flooded with updates related to weekend shows. LOL. Endless Love will follow Angel Eyes on SBS and that means there is lot of time till it hits the small screen. It is directed by the PD of Warrior Baek Dong Soo and written by scriptwriter of East Of Eden.