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This post contains spoilers.

Episode 8 of God’s Gift – 14 Days did a great job in taking a break from the tension dipped atmosphere and involved some emotional beats. Also we got to see the proper picture of our protagonists’ pasts.


It was surprising to see that even Min Ah was not involved in Saet Byul’s kidnapping and on top of that, she even saved her from the accident. Ji Hoon turned out to be worse than I imagined, even if he is a good father and all. Now the scene with him talking to somebody in the car and giving him some task adds another mystery in our glass which is already filled up to the brim with it! I’m actually not raking my brains too much as it is fun to let the show inform me about who, what, why, when, how.

And now when the husband has turned out to be a cheater with certain more issues attached to him than meeting the eye, we can hope for a future together of Soo Hyun and Dong Chan—I would love it even if one can argue that it is not necessary. But I love them together as they have this perfect tuning with each other that I can’t help but root for their romance. Not only Ji Hoon deceived his wife, we have seen that he never listens or believes in what she is trying to convey (even if she doesn’t do it properly).

Soo Hyun’s back story explained a lot about her and how she got married to Ji Hoon—only to later find out that things have changed drastically now. I love her badass behaviour but I do feel at times that she acts before she thinks and that leads her to dangerous situations. Saet Byul also annoys me due to her mischievous behaviour—knowing that her mom is worrying about her all the time, she is irritating when always running away without any notice—considering she is mature enough.


I do think that Dong Chan’s brother was innocent and let me take back my earlier suspicion that he might have taken blame in place of his mother—highly unlikely as she herself is trying to figure out by snooping at Ji Hoon’s study.

I liked the lighter moments touched upon when Soo Hyun and Saet Byul came to live at Dong Chan’s house and all the scenes with his arguing with Grandpa were mirth-inducing. Also I loved the scene between Dong Chan and Soo Hyun on the rooftop— a rare moment of peace and warmth.

Right from episode 1, I feel that Woo Jin is too relaxed and gentle for a prosecutor. He doesn’t act energetic—which makes him not a very interesting character.

And just when you thought you can relax, the drama made us the bundle of nerves with that last scene and cliffhanger.


We still need to decipher how Soo Hyun and Dong Chan travelled back in time and why. They are definitely part of the interconnected web of fate—but why only these two got the chance. So many questions and still 8 episodes remaining—I’m excited to find the answers!