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It is a source of amazement that I was trying to work my schedule to fit in as many dramas as I could in the previous season of drama premieres but ended up watching only one single drama (it is God’s Gift – 14 Days if you didn’t know already). But again with glasses of hope and excitement, I’m looking forward to the deluge of dramas arriving soon for our viewing pleasure. Before we get confused, let’s have a sneak peek at those shows which are starting in April:

A New Leaf


From: 23 April

Stars: Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong, Park Min Young.

About: A cold and ace lawyer who becomes amnesic after an accident and then as he tries to remember his past and piece together his life, he brings a positive change in his personality.

My Opinion: Kim Myung Min! Do I need to say more? But I also like the plot which looks like a warm story soaked in emotions and values, plus a face off between Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong (who plays his boss and who would not be happy to see his new changed persona) would be simply awesome.

Golden Cross


From: 9 April

Stars: Kim Kang Woo, Lee Si Young, Uhm Ki Joon, Han Eun Jung

About: A revenge tale about a prosecutor who fights against a shady society called Golden Cross, which is responsible for destroying his family.

My Opinion: The drama looks like it might be a smart, fast paced and intriguing thriller with solid actors to lead the show.

Big Man


From: 28 April

Stars: Kang Ji Hwan, Daniel Choi, Lee Da Hee, Jung So Min

About: The hero is deceived by a rich family for their son’s heart transplant. Of course, when he finds out the truth, he is all set to take revenge.

My Opinion: The drama looks more on the melodramatic side. But I LOVE Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min and also like Daniel Choi a lot and hence, I’m gonna check this out just for them (even if the promo materials have been very uninteresting).

Doctor Stranger


From: 28 April

Stars: Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Jin Se Yun, Kang So Ra

About: A genius South Korean doctor who was raised in the North and even after getting a job in a prestigious hospital, he still feels like a stranger. A medical spy drama basically.

My Opinion: Hmm. I don’t get the tone of this show yet — is it a thriller or melo or rom-comish? Anyway, unpredictability is always a good thing in my book. I love the male leads but have no idea about the female cast.

You’re All Surrounded


From: 30 April

Stars: Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ah Ra, Oh Yoon Ah, Ahn JAe Hyun

About: Four newbie cops and their coming of age story with Cha Seung Won as the tough team leader.

My Opinion: I love coming of age stories with a layer of comedy in them. This show looks super awesome from A to Z. Action, comedy, acting, romance, bromance — it looks like we’ll be getting a nice concoction of all these and more!!

Gap Dong

On: tvN

From: 11 April

Stars: Yoon Sang Hyun, Sung Dong Il, Kim Min Jung, Lee Joon, Kim Ji Won

About: A 20-year-old cold case of a serial killer who resurfaces after the statute of limitations are over. Our hero is a detective who is completely determined to catch this criminal.

My Opinion: Intense, creepy, dark, mysterious, nail-biting tension — these are the keywords that define the drama and this is the chance of watching Yoon Sang Hyun in a very different role than we normally see him in.

A Witch’s Love

On: tvN

From: April 14

Stars: Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Seo Joon, Han Jae Suk

About: Another addition to the series of noona romances we are getting this year. The plot is the usual workplace story with the main couple having past love wounds that they heal after coming together.

My Opinion:I belong to that minority of viewers who are not fans of noona romance. I watch them only if they have anything special to offer for my drama taste.

Into The Flames

OnTV Chosun

From: 18 April

Stars: Choi Soo Jong, Son Tae Young, Ryu Jin

About: A period drama about love, loyalty and sacrifice.

My Opinion: I think this is the least talked about show in the current crop. It follows the unexpected hit Bride Of The Century. I can’t fathom the lack of buzz as the show boasts a pretty solid cast.