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Thrillers and Mysteries taking forefront in Dramaland



Every year, the dramaland embraces at least one stand out theme that governs most of the shows. It may be due to blind following of a subject based on the success of any similar-themed drama or the producers feel that the particular topic is hot among the viewers. Whatever the case, we can all feel the unmistakable dominance of certain colors in the canvas of dramas. For instance, 2012 was all about time travelling (which is still being used till now) while 2013 had a deluge of sageuks adorning the small screens. Speaking of 2014, I’m observing three main characteristics — thrillers, noona romances and OTP reunions. At least the first quarter of the year says so. Let’s have a look at the first trend in this post aka thrillers & mysteries. Continue reading

A look at upcoming dramas (April)

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It is a source of amazement that I was trying to work my schedule to fit in as many dramas as I could in the previous season of drama premieres but ended up watching only one single drama (it is God’s Gift – 14 Days if you didn’t know already). But again with glasses of hope and excitement, I’m looking forward to the deluge of dramas arriving soon for our viewing pleasure. Before we get confused, let’s have a sneak peek at those shows which are starting in April: Continue reading

Intriguing posters for ‘Golden Cross’


Surprisingly, as the premiere date of upcoming revenge saga Golden Cross is nearing with its promotional speed picking up, the drama has ascended for me from the ‘no interest at all’ to ‘intriguing’ status. It looks like it might turn out to be a smart, fast-paced thriller, which is always fun and satisfying. Continue reading

Revenge drama ‘Golden Cross’ with Kim Kang Woo, Lee Si Young and Eom Ki Joon


Age Of Feeling will air its finale this week and that means it’s time for a new show and KBS has slotted Golden Cross for its new Wednesday-Thursday timeline. Age Of Feeling was a skip for me but it did garner fine ratings, going head to head with Three Days with each coming close in numbers. Golden Cross is basically a revenge story about a sincere and passionate prosecutor, played by Kim Kang Woo (Haeundae Lovers) who gets Continue reading