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Episode 13 of God’s Gift – 14 Days was all about exposition of the theories floating in the minds of our protagonists as well as the viewers. There were answers given to the questions (well, we all guessed most of them actually) and we are finally getting into knowing the real culprit (s), motive and incidence that happened 10 years ago.

Spoilers ahead

I loved the way Soo Hyun tackled the whole hospital’s dangerous situation with her guts and badassery. And the connecting of dots—it was a refreshing way to further decorate the clue-finding element that is one of the prominent features of this show. I did find it a bit lacking in editing when the goons later arrived to take Jin Woo because everyone was simply sitting in the car when they saw them approaching instead of turning it and going away to a safer spot. Anyway, I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth as the rest of the episode and the drama is full of awesome!

Next it was such a huge relief that finally, Dong Chan found out the truth about his brother being innocent all along. And it was so moving to see that he sacrificed and took the blame for his brother (misunderstanding due to that damn jacket) and it also matches with my earlier theory that he indeed took the blame but it was not for his mother but for younger brother Dong Chan. (Jo Seung Woo was wonderful in that whole scene)


I loved how Soo Hyun and Dong Chan finally assessed all the facts from the beginning till the end and came to different conclusions. Kudos to the writer for inventing So MANY narrative threads and clues across the board and remembering and deftly handling them with so many connections. The exposition also helped us in remembering everything (otherwise it would have required me to go back to all the episodes to refresh my memory).

I do believe that Soo Jung’s killer and the tattooed guy are different — they are working together but the former took the advantage of the latter’s emotional vengeful spirit. I can rule out grandpa and Snake out of the evil guys’ zone as they themselves look victim but frightened of the powerful force aka the president. That last scene reveal was creepy and I simply loved the scene where Soo Hyun slowly comprehends the whole situation.


Her last move—was very impulsive but might help to make the bad guys less aggressive and cautious in their actions as the attention will be on the president as I’m sure the reporters were present there on the site — and nobody thought about the possibility of this kind of angle to Saet Byul’s kidnapping.