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Spoilers ahead.

Each and every episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days makes my mind so, so confused at first and then things start falling into place once I rewind my memory to all the important events taken place till that time. It is an exercise but a good one all the same. Episode 14 was more of a slower one if we talk about actions and thrills and revelations. They were there of course (as this show loves to mark its path with more and more clues and answers) but the tone was more calm and composed.

Let me just scribble down everything before I forget, for my future references. So the president’s secretary is involved in Saet Byul’s kidnapping. But who actually killed Soo Jung? When the evidence emerged from Cha Bong Sub’s house, Ji Hoon realised that they actually match with the jewelry of the serial murder victims of 10 year-old Moojin case. Putting two and two together, he concluded that he was indeed right about his suspicions. But why was he blackmailing him now—what he could possibly gain from it? Also, did he knew about this in the original time line as well or was it a different circumstance altogether but with same man behind everything? I really hope that the last two remaining episodes will give us satisfactory answers to all the doubts cropping up in my mind. At least we know that Ji Hoon was not a shady person and even tried to re-investigate the case. He is a cheater but has some humanity left and cares for his wife and daughter. But still, I think he is after something to make him negotiate with the bad guys. So there are three culprits—Soo Jung’s killer, the secretary who covered all this and the tattooed guy.

I think Woo Jin’s arc is not fully impressive as we are not given much attention in regards to him and that track looks a bit shallow to me. Why he went all alone for saving Saet Byul when he could have taken Dong Chan with him. So that whole scene looked a bit contrived to me, just to redeem his character. The only good thing is that he is a good guy or at least he is on the side of good guys.

It was nice to see Dong Chan helping in breaking the ice between Soo Hyun and her mother when he took her to the hospital. And also the lovely scene when he sat there all night while Soo Hyun was sleeping.

Lastly, our partners, Dong Chan and Soo Hyun are now against each other (*sad face). It is such a deep and true conflict as each one of them want to save their loved ones and as for now, if one gets saved, the other one will suffer and vice-versa. I just hope that our awesome Dong Chan will have some trick up his sleeves to satisfactorily solve this whole mess. And I think I’ll have to let go my wish of seeing some romance angle for these two as it seems more likely that they would have an open ending as far as their relationship is concerned. Hey, I’ll take that but please let each of them have their happy ending and come out of the whole predicament being as fit as a fiddle, please Show!