My favorite songs from ‘Fated To Love You’ OST


I’m loving and enjoying Fated To Love You even when it has lost some of its initial beauty. The magic of the Jangs is still there and my heart aches for them as well as jumps with joy when they are being cute and adorable and are together. But I think we’ve seen enough separation between them, and enough noble idiocy on Gun’s part. I have this complaint that the drama doesn’t explain us clearly what is he thinking right now. Yes, his mind thinks that he should not meddle with peaceful life of Min Young but he can’t control his heart. But then, after three years, what is his opinion regarding his disease, it has not been made clear much or maybe I couldn’t see it. Anyway, I’m glad that episode 16 finally revealed to Min Young that Gun has always been her number one fan. It’s also true and heartbreaking that Gun never got a chance to express his love after that kiss they shared as they were separated some time after that. On a side note, I simply love Jang Hyuk‘s expressions — now I know why his fans are mad about him!

Fated To Love You is suitably backed by a pleasing background score and I love almost all the songs. But of course there are some which I like more than the others and here is a list of songs that are my favorite from the OST:

Morning of Canon by Baek Ah Yun

This is the typical ballad that we see in every drama but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It is about longing in love and telling your loved one to not go away and that he or she is one’s destiny. This is definitely not a very innovative song because it falls under the category of the usual ballads a drama soundtrack must have but then I love the tone and the singer has beautifully rendered it. Also it keeps reminding me of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s struggle with their feelings as they are falling in love in the Show.

Destiny Sonata by Jung Dong Ha

This song is absolutely lovely. It gives a very fresh vibe, something that one feels early in the morning, something like watching the morning dews. And well, it has the word fate in it, so yeah, a perfect song for the drama. I love the voice as well as the soft tone that dominates the song from start to finish.

Love Song (From Successful Story Of A Bright Girl OST)

This track is originally from Successful Story Of A Bright Girl OST but featured in Fated To Love You when the Show gave meta reference to the former during that scene where Jang Nara dresses up as a school girl when she and Gun are trying to avoid the reporters. I instantly fell in love with this song. It has that old school charm of the late 90s and early 2000s and the rhythm is melodious. I really enjoy all the meta references the drama provides us! They add an extra fun element in the narrative.

Like a Goodbye Moment by Ailee

This is the newest ballad added in the OST and is being used extensively in the later episodes. It simply tugs at the heartstrings and the singer has a beautiful, soulful touch in her voice. Love.


4 thoughts on “My favorite songs from ‘Fated To Love You’ OST

  1. Drama Fan

    You are right about the lack of explanation of what Geon thinks of his illness. It seems he came to terms with the fact that he might die young but at the same time refuses to built a family. Is it because he misses Mi Young or still because he fears dying and making his loved ones suffer? There must still be some of that but I get the feeling that he now feels too guilty and unworthy of Mi Young too. I love your OST selection! My favorite ones are Destiny Sonata and Goodbye, my love 🙂 Although I love them all!

    1. snow Post author

      Aww…glad you liked it…whenever I make a FTLY post, I always remember you Drama Fan 😀
      I also think that now Gun considers himself unworthy for Min Young…once his friend also stated that now as he’s cured he should tell MY about it but Gun refused as he thinks that MY is quite happy where she is at this point of life…

  2. LastJuniorStanding

    I also loved Ailee’s OST, although for a surprising fact, I didn’t even watch the drama! I just found her performance of the song, and liked it immediately.

    1. snow Post author

      If you get time, you can give it a try. It’s a sweet show with great chemistry and characters…minus some dragging in the later part. This song is fabulous!! Such a powerful voice!


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