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Heirs is a unique case where my initial craziness for the drama is decreasing rapidly as the time is passing by. But one of the things about it that still remains charming for me is Kang Ha Neul. He got the least screen time among the plethora of stars in it but he was undoubtedly a scene stealer. And as a new fan, I’m always eager to look forward to what he does next. After doing a small role in weekend melo Angel Eyes (though viewers wanted to see more of him), he is now all set to appear in upcoming tvN drama Misaeng and I’m so happy that I’m eager about its premise as well! The show centres around the lives of ordinary salarymen and workplace.

It stars Im Shi Wan as an ex-baduk player (it’s a board game also known as Go) who joins the corporate world as an intern, Kang So Ra as a rookie but a competent worker with impressive education grades, Kang Ha Neul as a geeky and anxious employee (he is rocking those glasses!) and Lee Sung Min as the team manager and their boss. I think it’s a new trend in dramaland with most of the actors doing more than one drama a year — Im Shi Wan completed brothers-reunion drama Triangle a few months back while Kang So Ra starred in Doctor Stranger. Funny thing is I’m not at all acquainted with both. I always remember Lee Sung Min as Lee Seung Gi‘s hyung from The King 2 Hearts which was a great character full of warmth and sense of humor and he played it brilliantly. After rom-coms and thrillers, I think this will be a new kind of variety for me (it also helps that I love workplace set-ups) and coming from tvN, I’m sure we’ll get a good quality product.

Misaeng is actually an adaptation of a popular webtoon. It’s not everyday that we see much creativity in dramas and I’m fascinated by Misaeng in this department. Not only its trailer is very innovative and spot-on (with all the characters in a lift and their expressions changing with each day of the week), the posters are another piece of art with each having a mix of the real actor and a cartoon and they are designed by the original webtoon creator. That’s simply great, isn’t it? The latter resonates with the show’s English title which is Incomplete Life.

Misaeng will take over the slot of Fridays and Saturdays after Plus Nine Boys ends and that puts its date on October 17.