Weekender ‘My Heart Twinkle Twinkle’ premieres next week on SBS



SBS really made an impressive move last year with announcing that it will broadcast makjang-free weekend shows and has really stayed with its promise as it aired cute and light-hearted shows like Glorious Day (or Feel Good Day), Modern Farmer and Angel Eyes in the Saturday-Sunday slot alongside dramas with makjang elements like Endless Love. Sadly, the ratings were not as desired and I really hope that the network would not let this factor (a very huge one) to let it leave that much-appreciated policy. Same wish goes for the new weekend drama My Heart Twinkle Twinkle which is starting next week as Birth Of A Beauty wraps up this week.

The drama goes strictly by the book in terms of the basic premise which is about three sisters. Jang Shin Young (My Spring Days) plays the eldest sister who takes care of her father and two younger sisters, played by Lee Tae Im (A Man’s Story) and Nam Bo Ra (Only Love). She runs a chicken restaurant while Bae Soo Bin (last seen in Greatest Marriage) stars as a cold blooded man who runs the rival restaurant. Lee Pil Mo (currently seen in Pinocchio) and Oh Chang Suk (Jang Bo Ri Is Here) costar and form love triangle with Nam Bo Ra. The drama is about the three sisters and their struggles.

My Heart Twinkle Twinkle is written by the writer of weekenders like The Sons Of Sol Pharmacy House and Goddess Of Marriage while the PD directed shows like Temptation Of Wife and We Are Dating Now. It is premiering on 17 January.

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4 thoughts on “Weekender ‘My Heart Twinkle Twinkle’ premieres next week on SBS

  1. Kwon Sang Seung

    For some reason this drama is in my wanna-watch radar. It could be the scenario, it could be the 3 beauties, it could be BSB who is a really good actor, it could be the fact that SBS seems to be doing a really good work with its weekend dramas (even though i still have to watch the last 5 episodes of Endless Love, it’s a really good drama). Come on drama, make our hearts twinkle twinkle lol.

    1. snow Post author

      I’m mostly wary of weekend dramas in general except when they are shorter or different than the general common story line that is always seen.

      LOL….I hope this drama makes your heart twinkle 😉


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