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I finally caught up with all the aired episodes of Healer or the current source of all the squealing, swooning and giddying with romantic pleasure. I’m also in that bandwagon. Initially I planned on rooting our awesome heroine Young Shin with Moon Ho but as the story progressed, there was no way I wanted that anymore and I was all for the cute, lovely couple of Young Shin and Healer/ Bong Soo/ Jung Hoo. It’s funny how this is a different kind of love triangle as technically the two guys are the same and seeing the hero struggle to hide his feelings when she is constantly expressing her liking for him is so much fun to watch! I think it’s more of a crush for her as far as Healer is concerned but that is also a form of love, right? And when she has this heart to heart talk with Bong Soo, it’s more on the love side. I think both the leads are nailing it in these roles. And last but not least, Yoo Ji Tae is mesmerizing in all his scenes and what a complex character he is playing. I’m still not sure about who was the first woman in his life, Ji Ahn or Myung Hee or is he a totally good guy or the bad one. Anyway, I like that the drama peels off the layers of the past one by one and did not paint his hyung as a total evil villain. I’m eager to know what exactly happened in the past between those friends. Episode 10 left us with a great cliffhanger as we saw Moon Ho discovering Healer’s real identity while simultaneously there was Healer who found a box full of past memories in Moon ho’s home. The preview is out for Episode 11 and it looks like both the male leads are confronting each other while Young Shin is getting ready for a date with Healer. I can’t wait for her to put two and two together in concluding that both Bong Soo and Healer are the same guys. On an additional note, we are seeing two characters from one of my favorites from 2014, High School King Of Savvy — the detective (who played secretary Kim) and Healer’s teacher (who played Seo In Guk‘s father). Also, don’t you just love the main theme music of Healer!

Preview for episode 11

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