Hong Sisters are back with new drama, Kim Woo Bin and Kang So Ra courted to star

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*Uncontrollable Happy Dance*

It is no secret that my favorite writers are the sister duo Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, better known as the Hong Sisters. The first drama they penned was 2005’s Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (which was very successful and ranked 1st for most of its run) and apparently it was my first kdrama and I love it to pieces! Most of their shows are among my top favourites like Best Love and You’re Beautiful. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed and liked My Girl, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and latest Master’s Sun as well. The only shows that I skipped are Hong Gil Dong and Couple of Fantasy, plus I did watch Big but let’s pretend it never happened, okay?

I literally waited throughout 2013 to get some news about their new show and now it’s finally here! yay! Reports have been floating around from quite some time about their new show Jejudo Gatsby but I wanted to write about it after some more details were provided. Anyway, the drama has thankfully dropped its previous plotline about time travel. There are two reasons I don’t want that — firstly, the theme is so outdated by now as we have already seen tons of shows on it and secondly, I want them to do something normal now without any fantasy elements (their last two dramas, Big and Master’s Sun were about body swaps and ghost seers, respectively).

I was already on cloud nine and would have watched the show even if they cast worst actors on earth but what makes me super excited is the fact that Jejudo Gatsby has courted Kim Woo Bin (Heirs, School 2013) and Kang So Ra for the main lead roles. I LOVE him and like her a lot after watching her outstanding performance in Misaeng. Never thought of them together but this pair can totally be awesome. Also, this will be the first time when Kim Woo Bin will be doing a rom-com where he is the main hero (just imagine all the romantic scenes and cuteness and hot angst and kisses!) Also, after seeing him in mostly ‘bad guy’ roles, it will be fun to see him being sweet and a good guy. I really hope both of them confirm *fingers crossed*

Jejudo Gatsby will be a romantic comedy about these young people who leave the busy city life to live in Jeju Island. I’m hoping lots of beautiful locations now. The Hong Sisters have a great talent to write quirky, witty and laugh out loud rom-coms with lots of heart. On all occasions, their main couple is the highlight and they have always given awesome and memorable pairings to dramaland. Not to mention the meta element and amazing use of metaphors. All of their shows are considered classics among drama fans and I think I should stop before this post becomes indefinite in length.

Jejudo Gatsby will reunite the writers with PD of Best Love (another yay). It is planning to start airing from May on MBC.


2 thoughts on “Hong Sisters are back with new drama, Kim Woo Bin and Kang So Ra courted to star

  1. sunriseglow26

    this is the best news ive had all day. I SINCERELY hope Woo Bin accepts it because I feel like falling in love with him all over again as the main lead and not as the second one.

    1. snow Post author

      yes, yes, and yes to everything you said! Let’s keep our fingers crossed…let’s hope soon we’ll get some confirmations 😀


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