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Hey guys! First of all, I want to apologize for being MIA for so long without informing on the blog *sawwryy* *wink* I had lots of things to do this week and I was busy with lots and lots of work. But there was something else as well that was keeping me sane throughout that whole working schedule and it is my very first Taiwanese drama Office Girls. It’s such a cute and adorable show! But first things first — I’m in love with Roy Qiu. Totally. Madly. Head-over-heels. *blushes*

It aired in 2011. The plot is as simple as the shape of a circle. It’s about a rich guy Qin Zi Qi who has to disguise himself as a normal employee in order to prove himself capable in the eyes of his father. He gets assigned to a job under our heroine Shen Xing Ren who is the perfect example of the over-optimistic, workaholic and sees-no-bad-in-anyone candy heroine. But I still like her for all such qualities she exhibits and Alice Ke makes her really likeable with her easy charm. The main pair and their gradual growth in relationship is such a delight to watch. Their bickering makes me laugh and all the small things they do together — like eating food, her giving him a ride, or simply sitting together — it all brings butterflies in my stomach. It also reminds me slightly of my favourite pair dynamics in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, where the guy is really immature and depends on the girl for his day-to-day needs.


I like that the show doesn’t solely gives emphasis to the love story (I want it to!) and also gives equal importance to our heroine’s struggles and work life. Roy Qiu plays the immature but ‘good and innocent’ at heart hero with so much awesomeness. He has that rare combination where he is cute as well as HOT! He and Alice have a natural, lovely chemistry.

The side characters are also very funny, especially their boss, who is a bumbling manager and his growing bromance with our hero is something becoming fun to watch. Also, our heroine’s room-mate and best friend Le Le is so cute with a different voice and way of speaking.


Coming onto the things that make me feel sleepy. The second female lead. She is plain annoying, as are her manipulations. The male second lead is okay but I do fast forward their scenes. At first, I took time to adjust with the overly used background music which made it difficult to hear the dialogues clearly but now after completing 13 episodes, it doesn’t bother me much. I also think that the drama takes more time in some scenes and expressions than required, but then it may be the style of TW dramas, which are definitely a new territory for me.

All in all, Office Girls is a feel good, fun show and I can’t wait for the romance to take the centre stage.