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Soo Ae and Park Hae Il headline drama film ‘High Society’

I’ve always loved Soo Ae‘s acting, though I skipped her last small screen project, the rom-com The Man Living in Our House. Now she is back with a film titled High Society alongside movie actor Park Hae Il (The Last Princess, War of the Arrows) and Lee Jin Wook (Goodbye Mr. Black). Continue reading

‘High Society’ is chic and sophisticated


I already have too many irons in the fire, what with watching 4 dramas right now and I’m already planning to take more on my plate. What can I do when dramaland is offering so many attractive shows, all at the same time? It feels like ages ago when I was watching only Girl Who Sees Smells and now I’m continuously adding more and more to my list. I was already mildly interested in upcoming SBS drama High Society, Continue reading