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OMO! What was happening there? *blinks eyes again and again*

Episode 4 of Orange Marmalade was like a kaleidoscope, only I didn’t like the designs. The way the patterns change each time you rotate the tube of the instrument, the tone and story kept on changing one after the other. We started off with some breezy romantic scene where our pair shares some cute moments, still in that unknown place where they performed the concert. Then we get some information about Shi Hoo’s parents and why they got punishment — they used their super natural abilities while saving a man who baby Shi Hoo was about to bite. One thing led to another and a man got into an accident or died. This conversation between Teacher Han and his wife is overheard by him — and then when he confronts his uncle about it — Jae Min overhears that. LOL. And now our drama turns towards teenage fist fights as Jae Min wants to beat Shi Hoo because he’s a vampire and the latter is just plain angry because of the devastating truth he found out, filled with guilt. Actually I don’t like Jae Min any more. He looks like a guy who simply hates or loves something, regardless of other’s feelings. He was pissed off earlier just because Ma Ri didn’t like him back and now he is showing his anger just because the other guy is a vampire. Did he do anything wrong, in fact, Jae Min just heard about his sad back story. Huh.

Then Shi Hoo later saves Jae Min when he gets into some dangerous situation while saving some kids. All this leads to Ah Ra learning about Ma Ri’s identity as a vampire. Ma Ri leaves Jae Min without saying anything while he is lying in hospital. He cries buckets — he comes to know about this information but doesn’t want to believe. She cries rivers. So now we have entered the melodrama territory. Oh and yes, Shi Hoo commits suicide — it was so random, I didn’t even get sad by it. Though I felt sorry for poor boy. I also think we never got to know what he really felt for Ma Ri. Forget about my looking forward to hijinks, with him entering the school and having a new life and goal.

So yes, there is a long melodrama as we move forward to two weeks.

And now Jae Min gets a call from Ma Ri’s mom that she is missing. So the parents didn’t even contact the school or teacher Han about her from so many days — because that’s what should have been done, right? And looks like Jae Min adopted some extra abilities himself as he hits the bull’s-eye — he reaches that same lighthouse and she’s there. They cry, say some emotional dialogues — which don’t affect me any more. And then again I see similar scene — with Jae Min accidentally falling into water. She saves him and then — wait for it — our dear old amnesia! He doesn’t remember her and then we move forward some more — I think months (was it 2? or 6? I don’t care any more).

There is a train, both of them are sitting. Jae Min is oblivious to Ma Ri, sitting beside him. She is smiling with full confidence — she don’t want to hide now?  Is she no longer scared of her school mates who know her secret? And then he sees her and imagines her in a sageuk attire as if she reminds him of someone. Yay, we are in a historical genre now!

Basically while watching this episode, I was puzzled like a foreigner, trying to catch the meaning of words in a language he does not understand. I don’t know where that youthful, calm, breezy drama I signed in for went.